First time Review

This two-hour interactive engagement is designed to assess your financial situation, identify opportunities and create doable action items based on your goals. The session includes a review of income and expenses, retirement accounts, debt management, savings and investment accounts. This is a great starter session for individuals and couples who are just beginning to take control of their financial lives and as well as those who are already well established and want to make sure they are on track to meet their goals.


A discounted session for millennials trying to juggle student loan payments and paying off credit card debt.  The focus of this one-time, two-hour consultation is to help you organize the most effect debt repayment plan based on your income. You will learn how to build a realistic budget that balances paying down debt with present needs and wants. It includes strategies and simple techniques to ensure you stay the course.  Designed for individuals struggling with debt. Does not include investing or other aspects of financial planning.

Hourly Financial Planning Services

Available to you as a one-time or ongoing basis following either the First Time Review or Jump$tart service.  Hourly financial planning is to help you continue to maintain and grow a particular area of your financial life. Helpful for individuals and couples interested in concentrating on one or two specific areas, such as retirement planning,  saving for child's college education,  dealing with credit card debt and saving for a down payment on a home.

Full Financial Plan

You may need more than a couple of hours here and there to get your financial life in shape. This is one-stop shopping for a 360-view of your money and includes a game plan that prioritizes various goals with different time horizons so you can plan your money effectively. A full plan may include life insurance and disability insurance planning, retirement planning, estate planning, investment planning, budgeting, education planning and goal planning.  Think of it as a customized road map with support every step of the way. Ideal for families as well as individuals who are recently divorced or widowed.

Hourly Investment Advisory Services

Available to you on an ongoing basis after you've completed either the First Time Review or worked with me on a Full Financial Plan. Popular with individuals who have inherited money, want advice on asset allocation and low-cost investing, getting retirement ready or widowed.

Money Coaching

Personalized sessions can help you and your partner  overcome money conflicts that create tension and stress in your marriage or relationship. As a couple, you learn to understand each other's perspectives, values and fears around money and take steps to find common ground and communicate more effectively about your finances.

Coaching sessions are also available to single professional women who lack basic knowledge of the stock market and are afraid to invest their money.  Personalized, jargon-free coaching will help you understand investing principles while giving you the assistance and support you need to invest your hard-earned income in retirement and non-retirement accounts.